Chamber of Commerce

Mission Statement
"To promote and improve trade and commerce and the economic, civic, and well being of the district while respecting the environment".
The Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is composed of local business people who are concerned with issues that directly affect the local business community and citizens of the district in general.

"Working For You"
The Chamber provides many services and benefits to its members.

  • Competitive Group Insurance plan for business of all capacities.
  • Directory of local member business & Services
  • Maintaining a current community web site with links to your site
  • A business listing in the Provincial Chamber of Commerce Directory
  • Avenues for advertising your product or service through the web site and other Chamber correspondence.
  • Co-sponsoring training courses & workshops
  • Sponsoring guest lectures on relevant topics and interests.
  • Lobby Public Utility Boards and other regulatory bodies on behalf of local businesses.
  • Intervene at Public Hearings or written interventions to Regulatory bodies for improved communications, transportation, and etc.

"Providing Leadership and Representation"
The Chamber enhances local businesses by providing proactive leadership through business development, lobbying and training. The Chamber reinforces value for your membership dollar through the following initiatives.

  • Consistent and unified voice in the community
  • Representation of business issues to all levels of Government.
  • Business referrals through the Chamber membership.
  • Information on current issues through the Chamber sponsored web site.
  • Visitor and Business Information Kits
  • Participation in committees promoting business and civic interests.
  • Co-Sponsored Management workshops.
  • Act as an unbiased third party representative for members.

Membership Fees

# Employees Dues Representatives
1-10 $55.00 1
11 or > $80.00 2
Non-Profit $50.00 1
Student Free 0
Please note that fees will be prorated depending upon the month you join. (ie: Fee/12 = monthly rate. The Chamber fiscal year starts April 1st.

Board of Directors

Interim President Tim Driedger - (204) 371-1081
Vice Pres. Candice Bakx-Friesen (204) 392-6406
Treasurer Tim Driedger - (204) 371-1081
Secretary Kris Driedger - (204) 434-9621